The Story Of My Firm

During law school, I knew I wanted to focus my career on family law. As a result, in 1994 — the same year I earned my law degree from Washburn University School of Law and gained admission to the Missouri Bar — I founded Alspaugh Family Law.

In 2014, my law firm celebrated its 20-year anniversary, and I celebrated my hard-earned reputation as a dedicated client advocate, along with the many successful resolutions I have obtained for clients from throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. Today, I continue to work to add to my long record of success as a family law attorney by ensuring that my clients receive the best representation possible.

My Personal Story

When I was little, the enormous courthouse doors fascinated me. I wanted nothing more than for those to be the doors to my world one day — today, they are.

Because I had the opportunity and support I needed to reach my goal of becoming a lawyer, I strive to help my clients reach their goals. I know the assistance I provide to individuals and families has long-lasting effects on their lives. I hope the guidance I provide helps my clients and their loved ones maintain the emotional and financial security they need to pursue their dreams.

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Learn More About How I Can Help You

If you would like to discover how I can help you and your family by representing your interests in a family law matter, you can schedule an initial consultation at my Kansas City law office by email or by calling 816-743-4324.